Treasure Trove includes several features to help you keep track of your treasures! The following are a list of features that will be included in the initial launch, but there are plenty more features planned for future updates!

Adding Items

  • Manual entry via website or mobile app
  • Barcode scanning via mobile app
  • Import list of board games from BoardGameGeek.com
  • Import list of books from GoodReads.com
  • Import detailed movie and tv show information from IMDB.com
  • Add multiple images per item
  • Add PDFs – equipment manuals, books, RPG supplements, etc…

Organizing Items

  • Create categories
  • Create tags
  • Assign a single category to an item
  • Assign multiple tags to an item

Keeping Track of Items

  • Search by name
  • Search by one or more categories
  • Search by one or more tags
  • Search by scanning a barcode via mobile app

Have an idea for a new feature?

Send us an email to features [at] treasuretroveapp [dot] com with your ideas!